About UsInfinity Indian Cuisine, presenting explosion offlavour
Infinity Indian Cuisine is proud to present a remarkable cuisine born thousands of years ago. A cuisine influenced by history, religion, and climate. Soon you will relish spectacular eating experience that embraces India’s regional variations, from the fish-based selections of the coastal regions, and the meat & vegetable-based recipes of the north.

Today you will experience food originally prepared for Kings and Princes, now lovingly prepared for you in our kitchen by our gourmet chef. You are about to enjoy cuisine prepared from only the freshest and finest meats and vegetables available from the farmlands of Ontario.
The Infinity Indian Cuisine dining experience is truly a feast. The multi layers of an Indian dinner will include a contrast of flavours and textures that compliment one another. We hope that our dining experience will be one that brings you back again and again as the variety of combinations of selections are infinite. We invite you to take your time, savour each course and make this a meal to remember.

A common myth, not all Indian food is fiery hot, but some most certainly are. We have provided our customers, with a 5 chilly-rating system to determine just how hot you can expect each dish to be, five being the hottest and none being the mildest. As a compliment to our spicier dishes we urge you to try one of our remarkable collection of beers as the perfect accompaniment.

It is our honour to serve you.